Carlos Estefani

Since 1998, Carlos has been involved in virtually every facet of the company. He is currently the Vice President of Client Services, serving as a liaison between our customers, operations, and sales. In this role, he works closely with many of our clients finding ways to make their translation process more efficient.

translation technology is making globalization more efficient every day

Save Time and Money with Translation Technology

What is translation memory? If you have been shopping for translation services, you’ve surely encountered terms like CAT (computer-assisted translation) and TM (translation memory). Are these just industry buzzwords or do these technologies hold real value? The short answer is yes, they absolutely add value, as you will soon discover. The core component of the …

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Preflight 101: preparing for any project

Preflight 101

What really separates one company from another are its processes. At Protranslating, we understand the challenges clients face when localizing content and know that often, copywriters may not have all the information they need to properly prepare content and layouts for different types of copy. As a result, we believe that the preflight step at …

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