The Company

Corporate Visions enables ‘conversations that win’ via science-backed training and consulting solutions delivered in both instructor-led and asynchronous formats. This includes products, such as Mastering Remote Selling™, that improve salespeople’s ability to deliver memorable customer conversations in a virtual economy.

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The Challenge

The company requires translations and localization of training programs and products into six languages, from Brazilian Portuguese to Mandarin Chinese. However, the finished content must support a wide range of media, including digital e-learning files, storyboards, and videos, as well as workbooks and document files. Before publication, the localized and translated content requires review by Corporate Visions’ local language consultants, swallowing up valuable time and resources.

“With Protranslating the consultant review time was cut by 50%, from two days down to one.”

Doug Hutton
SVP of Products at Corporate Visions

The Solution

The speed and accuracy of Protranslating’s solution have saved Corporate Visions up to 50 percent of this review time, reducing the total cost of local language localization, and enabling the timely and comprehensive launch of new products.

Download the Full Case Study