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Patent translation solutions to support global filings in every sector.

Increase your patent application’s chances of success with accurate translations, produced and reviewed by expert patent translators and certified in-country patent attorneys. Our filing and submission options accelerate the process in all jurisdictions.

Accurate patent translation requires specialist knowledge of the relevant legal terminology in the originating and target jurisdictions and in-depth technical and sometimes scientific expertise in the specific industry field.

Quality is vital to the success of patents at every stage, from initial application to validity, enforcement, licensing, or sale. In some cases, a patent owner’s entire legal right can hinge on the text of a translation and, much like shortfalls in patent drafting, translation errors will only emerge when the patents are needed most.

To improve your patent’s chances of a grant and mitigate unnecessary risk, we assign patent linguists with domain expertise in the relevant technology area to translate your applications. Every application then undergoes a rigorous review by an in-country patent attorney to ensure it complies with all national requirements. Our process ensures we deliver authoritative and accurate patent translations that will support the success of your application. Our foreign filing and submission services further accelerate the process in all jurisdictions.

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BIG’s group of companies are experts in providing secure translation services in regulated, highly technical, and non-regulated sectors. The bottom line for BIG is that no matter your industry, we speak your customer’s language. We empower our clients no matter their industry by removing language and other barriers, so you can get to business. Period. We help you reach your audience wherever they are, however they need, and in the language(s) needed.