Subtitling Services (ADA)

Meet the Needs of All Audiences With Solutions Tailored for ADA Compliance

Interpretation and translation solutions designed for accessibility.

Accessibility matters and we can help. We enable customers to meet the needs of all audiences with interpretation and translation solutions tailored for ADA compliance.

We offer a full range of ADA compliance services that allow you to meet all associated regulatory requirements, including Section 508 mandating access for persons with disabilities to all electronic and information technology used by the U.S. government. These services include subtitling, formatting documents for use with screen readers, and many others.

When you ensure the content you produce is ADA-compliant, you ultimately increase your reach with existing and prospective clients. You also protect yourself as an employer by ensuring content such as training materials are accessible for employees of all abilities.

However, meeting ADA compliance guidelines can be a complex process. Our language services are designed to help you provide meaningful, equal access to digital materials, websites, mobile apps, documents, and other content related to your products and services, so you can meet all your clients’ needs and comply with applicable laws. Having supported companies with language access services for decades, we have extensive experience in assisting organizations with remediation, large print, braille, audio, closed captioning, transcription, American Sign Language (ASL), and subtitling across a wide range of platforms and formats.

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