Subtitling Services: Quickly and Accurately Convert Audio to Text in Any Language

Audio and video recordings in any format in 300+ languages and dialects.

Accurate subtitles are essential for sharing your media with a global audience. Our team works in more than 300 languages and dialects, making it easy to connect with users and viewers around the globe.

Whether you produce corporate videos, tutorials, interviews, reviews, testimonials, recorded events, advertisements, documentaries, or eLearning modules, translating your video content with subtitles can help you reach new audiences in new languages.

Translation allows you to get more mileage out of your existing content by allowing you to reach new audiences of customers that are unattainable with marketing in just one language.

Not only do those prospective audiences expect content translated and localized in their local language but they also expect it to be released simultaneously with the original language source, and delivered at the highest quality possible.

When converting audio to text, we ensure high levels of quality, oftentimes transcribing before we tackle translations. Our experts are devoted to delivering the finest multilingual subtitles in the industry for all your needs.

Our approach is team-based, with translators, editors, and project managers all working toward meeting your specific goals. Whether the project involves eLearning, entertainment, global conferencing, or corporate presentations, we will render the material professionally, confidentially, and quickly, in the language and format of your choosing.

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Voice-Over Services to Improve the Global Reach of Your Video or Audio Content

Industries we serve

BIG’s group of companies are experts in providing secure translation services in regulated, highly technical, and non-regulated sectors. The bottom line for BIG is that no matter your industry, we speak your customer’s language. We empower our clients no matter their industry by removing language and other barriers, so you can get to business. Period. We help you reach your audience wherever they are, however they need, and in the language(s) needed.