mobilize your international content

eLearning translation designed around agility & scalability

With the expertise to efficiently deploy cross-platform content, Protranslating is ready to help you quickly take control of your eLearning translation budget.

driving growth through a unified approach

When it comes to training multicultural workforces, we find it’s common for even global brands to have disjointed processes leading to mismanaged budgets—we benchmark 30 – 60% overspending on translation and training. By embedding localization strategy at the source of eLearning module creation, we help companies like yours take control of budgets, driving efficient expansions into new markets.

how eLearning empowers your business

Employee retention

Continuous training through eLearning optimizes productivity through improved employee retention.

scalable growth

Translating eLearning courses allows for quicker market penetration with improved economies of scale.

Reduced training costs

Travel, interpreting, and logistical costs can quickly pile up. eLearning can mitigate costs tremendously.

Time savings

eLearning allows for employees to learn at their own pace, empowering quick learners to quickly tackle course material.

Your platform is our specialty

Whether your organization is using one of the popular platforms below or your own custom-built solution, we’re equipped with the experience, in-house developers, and master linguists to deliver dependable results across all platforms.

Articulate Rise eLearning

Articulate Rise 360 Overview: Pros and Cons of This eLearning Authoring Tool

Articulate Rise 360 hasn’t achieved the same scale of adoption as more established eLearning authoring …

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Lectora eLearning Localization

Lectora Elearning Localization and Translation Services

Do you need assistance with Lectora eLearning Localization? Learn more about the need to know details when localizing for any audience.

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Camtastia eLearning: Learn about globalizing your online courses

Camtasia eLearning for Localized online courses

Camtasia is a popular software suite for creating video tutorials, presentations, and other video content, …

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Articulate Storyline Localization: how to expand you courses' reach

Articulate Storyline Localization and Translation Services

Today’s organizations have plenty of options when seeking an authoring tool to create eLearning course content. But …

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Adobe Captivate Localization: Important facts

Adobe Captivate Localization and Translation Services

To get the best results from an eLearning course, it’s important that the course is administered …

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Camtasia Localization: Reach a global audience

Camtasia Localization and Translation Services

Reaching a global audience is much easier said than done. Forward-thinking organizations realize that meaningful …

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