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Whether it’s voiceovers, subtitling, post-production QC, or asset localization, no one handles translation for the entertainment industry better than Protranslating.

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For over 50 years Protranslating has worked behind the scenes helping companies like Disney, Paramount, Apple, and Amazon localize and transcreate content tailored to specific target markets and fan-based audiences around the world in 200+ languages.

We know what it takes to get the job done right. Localized content that is just “grammatically correct” isn’t going to hit the mark. Our dedicated team of 6,000+ master linguists, and highly experienced copywriters, editors, graphic localization experts, voiceover artists, 
and subtitling specialists can get you there.

We deliver consistent quality, with fast turnaround times, and on-target messaging — all under one of the most secure platforms and independently audited SOC 2 Type 2 organizational structures on the planet designed to protect your Intellectual Property and data.

Post-Production QC

Our professional, highly-vetted in-territory subject matter experts and specialized linguistic teams are ready to QC your assets with granular accuracy for style, meaning, consistency, voiceover quality and brand integrity.

Voiceovers & Dubs

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Security is Our Top Priority

We cannot stress enough the importance of information security. It’s extremely risky to engage with vendors who can’t demonstrate at an organizational level how they keep your content secure from Intellectual Property theft and information leaks. 

We are the only language services provider that holds an independently audited SOC 2 Type 2 report on an organizational level — which goes far beyond just having super secure platforms. Our entire organization has your back to protect your information, your currency, with LanguageVault.

Protranslating is a one-stop solution from casting, talent selections, and scheduling to recording, mixing, and final outputs. We offer a variety of talent for client selection in over 90 different languages.

Let our in-house team become an extension of your team.

Cultural Consulting

Looking for insight into what will play well in the entertainment market? We provide culturally appropriate insights into whether certain bits of content, imagery and layouts will work or fall flat. Let us help you assess your content to see if it’s ready for a global audience.

Voiceovers, dubbing, subtitling and more — no one handles localization for entertainment better.

We blend quality, tech, and top-notch service with exacting quality control & high-security standards.

6,000+ master linguists 
fluent in 200+ languages 
at your service.

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Content Localization

Whether you need a translation only for synopses, DVD packaging, social media content, blog posts, etc., we can help you adapt any content in over 200+ languages.

From transcription to final deliverables, our in-house Studio Team can help with the final mixing and outputs needed for your markets.

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Subtitles & OSTs

Such as Forced Narratives, OSTs (On-Screen Text), Graphics Localization, and Closed Captioning.

Digital Media

Home Media

Metadata, Title Searches, Synopses, Consumer Product Packaging, OOH, and more.

Including but not limited to Social Media Assets, Blog Posts, Press Releases, Microsites, and Splash Pages.

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Trailers, Featurettes, B-Roll, Videos, TV/Radio Spots, and more.

What We Do for You

Entertainment depends heavily on the visual and creative copy to captivate your target market. Protranslating appropriately adapts your content across all media – from TV, radio, print and digital – to engage your audience's emotions and desires.

Protranslating has become a trusted partner to studios, entertainment marketing agencies, and production houses worldwide, becoming an extension of their teams. From in-language glossaries, term-bases, style guides, and title research to asset localization, voiceovers, subtitles, and QCs, we partner with you to create and deploy everything needed for diverse content, including features and TV series.

We collaborate with our clients to ensure brand integrity while enabling them to access and capture new audience members with our market-specific localized content. Protranslating is the only information security-focused, language services provider that has the knowledge and expertise to deliver consistent quality, with fast turnaround times, and on target localization.