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Under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, all federal agencies and institutions that receive federal funding are required to provide software and website accessibility to people with disabilitiesu2014including those with limited English proficiency (LEP)u2014thereby making content accessible to everyone.

Protranslating can help render your website, applications, and documents 508 compliant, with a state-of-the-art studio and the expertise required to ensure that all your content is compatible with assistive technology, such as screen readers. Protranslating has considerable experience updating digital content to meet Section 508 compliance.

Our track-record includes effectively helping government agencies and companies, leveraging a deep understanding of 508 guidelines and requirements, and providing high-quality results, delivered on time, in budget, and with a smile.

Sample uses for 508 Compliance servicesn

 Our team of highly experienced and certified interpreters is the go-to partner for clients seeking high-quality interpreting services. Here are some sample uses for simultaneous and remote interpreting.

Government agenciesn

Do you work for a government agency that needs to make new software or websites accessible?


We work with you to find the best translators and voice talent for your project. Great voice-overs require precise timing and sensitivity to the culture of your target audience. We bear that in mind every step of the way.


We cast talent optimally leveraging your objectives, including the desired gender, voice type, and regional accent. We'll work closely with you, providing voice samples and talent that resonate with your target audience.


Have video or audio eLearning content you need dubbed into new language? Our team features cross-disciplinary subject matter experts, ensuring the intent of your coursework is never lost in translation.