Consecutive Interpreting

From courtrooms to conferences, we get it right the first time

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For over four decades, Protranslating has been the trusted partner in interpretation for leading law firms, court reporting and insurance agencies, as well as multinational corporations around the world. Protranslating’s state and federally certified professionals offer consecutive interpreting in settings where one interpreter serves as the intermediary between two parties. With quality guided by over 40 years of experience, ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards, and a pledge to old-school service, we’re ready to help your firm or agency today. let’s chat

Sample uses for consecutive interpreting

Whether you’re in a courtroom or in a conference, there are no second chances in interpreting. Protranslating’s team of seasoned professionals will provide you with interpretation services you can count on.


Accurate depositions that can be scheduled flexibly and carried out smoothly can be the difference between an early settlement and a lengthy trial.


Get through your pretrial hearings efficiently and effectively with our team of certified interpreters by your side every step of the way.


Dispute resolution in multiple languages can be tricky. Let our understanding of cultural nuance, body language, and intent help you arrive at best possible outcome.


In the high-pressure environment of a courtroom, trust our experienced team of certified interpreters to deliver interpretations true to the speaker’s intent.

Independent Medical exams

Need a trusted interpreter while your client is being examined by a medical professional? Our team speaks over 200 languages and dialects.

Examinations Under Oath

Dealing with insurance cases and need to examine a insured party in the presence of a court reporter? We’ll help you easily get past any language barriers.

Polygraph exams

Are you a law enforcement or security professional using a lie detector test as part of a screening for a foreign job candidate? Our interpreters can help.

Group Tours

Leading a multicultural group through a popular hot-spot or popular tourism destination? Our network of interpreters is full of local area experts that will make sure not a word is missed.

“Interpreting is an art form which combines mastery of language, great cultural sensitivity, mental agility, and advanced interpreting technology. We approach interpreting with great passion, excitement, and know-how, and as a result, excel in delivering exceptional service.”

Luis R. De La Vega
Luis R De La Vega President Protranslation