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No matter what language youu2019re doing business in, one thing that doesnu2019t change is your need for legally binding contracts, clear legal agreements, and other essential paperwork spanning everything from patents to employee contracts.

As a result, accurate contract translation is an essential part of doing business in other countries. Even small inaccuracies or errors in contract translation can create a weakness in the strength of that document. In a worst-case scenario, those inaccuracies could create loopholes affecting the terms of the contract, or even render the entire document void.

Such a situation is unacceptable for any organization, especially when those errors can be entirely avoided. All it takes is putting your contract translation into the hands of reputable language service providers (LSPs) capable of accurately translating and localizing each document so that serves as an iron-clad agreement in each language and region youu2019re targeting for business.

Sample uses for contract Translation servicesn

If youu2019re unclear of the importance of having contract translation be handled by experienced translation experts, itu2019s worth considering the many different types of contracts and legal documents that may need to be translated during the course of your companyu2019s international business.

In general, any legally binding agreement of any kind needs to be vetted and translated by a LSP with extensive experience translating for the language and culture your business is serving. Here are some examples of documents we frequently translate.

Real estate agreements

When purchasing or selling property and dealing with contracts in foreign languages, the stakes are always high. Let our team of human experts keep your paperwork error-free.

Confidentiality Agreements

Are you disclosing trade secrets or other confidential information to a third party? We can help you overcome language barriers and make sure that al language is concise and clear.

Intellectual Property

Sharing patented or copyrighted info with other businesses or individuals? Ensure your agreements over usage are translated in clear, legally binding language.

Employment Contracts

Are you subcontracting part of an international job to a vendor whose employees primarily speak a foreign language? We'll help you draft crystal-clear language for optimal results.