File Engineering & Document Formatting

Quality solutions for your digital & print publishing needs

Proven results

Our state-of-the-art, in-house studio combined with a dedicated multimedia team enable us to deliver exceptional solutions for all your desktop publishing needs. Our staff of deeply experienced localization engineers ensures that documents are properly prepared for translation and that the final product appropriately mirrors the source. If required, we will readily modify documents to ensure text fits within the original parameters. In this service area–as in all others at Protranslating–our Quality Assurance procedures are rigorous and entail an additional review step at the end of the workflow: documents are checked against the originals for conformity in look, tone and style and to ensure against typographical mistakes. let’s chat

Sample uses for file engineering & document formatting

Protranslating provides comprehensive file engineering and document formatting solutions. Our track record includes effectively working with the following kinds of documents and more.

Marketing Materials

Are you working with complex marketing materials like brochures, catalogs, or digital marketing collateral? We can resize and reformat to adjust for translation into over 200 languages.

Contracts & Legal

Do you have legal documents or contracts that you need to translate for an international audience? We can take your source document and reformat it to fit the needs of readers in any country.


Do you have paperwork or information you need to share with patients? Our quality assurance team will deliver accuracy in any language, ensuring your patients are safe and informed about their medical needs.

Financial Documents

Working with complex financial documents? We understand the importance of maintaining the author’s intent when translating. Our team of engineers will format accordingly, making sure every “i” is dotted and “t” crossed.


Our in-house designers and file engineers come from diverse cultural and work backgrounds, with most having spent time at international ad agencies. Using a careful eye for design and cultural sensitivity, we’ll adapt your campaigns into any language.


Serving gourmet food at a fine dining restaurant, cruise ship, or multicultural event? We can help you format and adjust menus as needed to convey your offerings to guests with language that’s clear and appetizing.