Independent Language Assessment

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When it comes to translations, language quality is critical, and your company’s reputation could be on the line. Reviewing and approving translations is a significant challenge for global brands, as companies often underestimate the effort and expertise required for this task. This can create bottlenecks, delays or potentially prevent content from being reviewed properly. Bottom line, it is challenging to know if your message and brand are hitting the mark.  Protranslating’s Independent Language Assessment provides an unbiased analysis of your translated content to measure quality and effectiveness at whatever level of review you require – whether it is a copy review, an in-context review, software, website testing or any other needs. let’s chat

Sample uses for independent language assessment

We meticulously check content validity and consistency, providing you with the reassurance you need for the results you want. For more than four decades, we have effectively performed independent language assessment for Fortune 500 companies. Here are some samples of the kinds of work we do.

Cultural Sensitivity

We’ll examine your translated content with a fine-toothed comb, checking to make sure it adheres to the cultural sensitivities of your new audience.

Brand/voice analysis

When translating marketing materials, it’s important to make sure your brand’s unique voice isn’t lost. We’ll make sure tone and attitude stay consistent throughout all translations.

localization review

Have you localized your content for a new audience and region, but you’re not seeing the results you wanted? We’ll give you an unbiased opinion on the quality of the work.

Consistency checks

For even the most experienced translators, idiosyncrasies of linguistic consistency can be tough to grasp. We’ll provide an informed opinion to make sure you’re always on point.