Large Print & Braille

When it's more than meets the eye

Proven results

Protranslating is proficient at preparing easy-to-read documents for the visually impaired or blind. Following an analysis of client needs, our localization engineers either convert documents into Braille Ready Format or reformat them into large print. Notably, our large print process goes well beyond simply increasing font size: all elements of a document including the layout, headers, and style must be adjusted in order to maximize readability and flow for the visually impaired.

Sample uses for large print & braille

Protranslating, one of the select group of translation agencies that holds both ISO certifications, is a trusted partner for high quality large print and Braille translations. Here are some example of solutions we’ve provided in large print and braille.


Our team of experienced hospitality translators includes experts in braille, offering you a go-to solution for providing menus for the visually impaired.

Financial Statements

Whether it's contracts, notes & disclosures, EOCs, invoices, or otherwise, our team is here to help you serve your clients.

Healthcare Forms

Do you have blind or visually impaired patients you need to disclose important medical information to? Let us help you meet their needs.

Legal documents

For attorneys and government agencies serving the visually impaired, it's of the utmost importance to provide accurate communication.