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Great translations and great service define our purpose. A major player in the language space, we translate over 150 million words per year, with over 500 people touching product on a daily basis. Meet the leaders behind our success.
Leadership team: Luis R De La Vega President, Protranslating


Luis r. de la vega

Luis R. de la Vega oversees the agency’s strategic direction and has worn many hats over the years within Protranslating. He is passionate about driving efficiency, building a long-term sustainable business, and satisfying the personal and professional goals of Protranslating’s stakeholders. His influence within the business has helped the company leverage its deep roots in linguistic excellence and service, with technology and growth-related initiatives that position the firm as a unique player in the language space. 


VP of client relations

carlos estefani

Since 1998, Carlos has been involved in virtually every facet of the company. He is currently the Vice President of Client Services, serving as a liaison between our customers, operations, and sales. In this role, he works closely with many of our clients finding ways to make their translation process more efficient.


Leadership team: Carlos Estefani, Protranslating's Vice President of Client Relations
Leadership team: Colin Klevan, Protranslating’s Vice President of Operations

VP of Operations

Colin Klevan

Colin Klevan serves as Protranslating’s Vice President of Operations and has been part of the Protranslating family since 2007, playing a key role in building the company’s operational infrastructure. Before moving into a VP role, he was Director of Web Translations and Director of Translations at our company. Prior to transitioning into the localization industry and joining Protranslating, Colin served as manager for several advertising firms including Publicis Sanchez & Levitan, Bromley Communication, and Crispin Porter + Bogusky.


VP of Strategic Accounts & Alliances

Matthew Rodano

Matthew Rodano joined Protranslating in May 2016 as Vice President of Strategic Alliances & Accounts and oversees our strategic accounts, as well as strategic partnerships with emerging technologies and innovations. He is a results-oriented industry leader with 20+ exceptional years of experience in client relationship management, translation governance, solutions strategy innovations, and business development expertise.


Leadership team: Matthew Rodano, Protranslating's VP of Strategic Alliances & Accounts
Leadership team: Nestor Urquiza, Protranslating's Vice President of Technology

VP of Technology

Nestor Urquiza

Nestor Urquiza serves as Vice President of Technology and is responsible for establishing Protranslating’s technology vision, while leading all aspects of the company’s software and infrastructure development and implementation. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Nestor began his work with hardware and software in the early 1980’s, with significant involvement in microelectronic design and enterprise software development. Nestor’s passion is to validate technologies and methodologies to increase productivity.