Multimedia Transcription

Quickly convert audio sources to text in any language

Proven results

In the process of converting audio to text, we ensure high levels of quality, often-times transcribing before we tackle translations. Our experts are devoted to delivering the finest multilingual transcriptions in the industry for all your needs. Protranslating can transcribe your audio and video recordings from any digital format into more than 200 languages.

Our approach is team-based, with on-site translators, editors, and project managers all working towards meeting your specific goals. Whether the project involves law enforcement, legal proceedings, medical applications, corporate presentations or global conferencing, Protranslating will render the material professionally, confidentially, and quickly, in the language and format of your choosing.

Sample uses for multimedia transcriptionn

Protranslatingu2019s team of knowledgeable linguists and localization engineers is a trusted partner for accurate transcriptions. Our track record includes effectively translating the following, and more.

deposition statements

Deposing witnesses in multiple languages for international, immigration, or corporate law cases? We can help you accurately maintain the speaker's intent when transcribing into any language.

focus groups

Doing market research with diverse cultural groups? We can help you quickly transcribe their feedback and thoughts, making it easy to turn your research into actionable recommendations. for your clients.


Do you need to transcribe audio to create closed captions for your video files? We can accurately convert audio in any language to text, allowing you to your content publish onto any platform.

COnferences & lectures

Would you like to take your speakers' lectures and talks and turn them into searchable web content you can re-purpose and share with customers? Our team of transcription experts can help you quickly convert audio to text.

Telephone Calls

Need to take recorded conference calls and transcribe them into easy-to-understand text? Our team of experienced experts can help you make record-keeping simple and straightforward.

Room bugs & wired body microphones

Do you work in security and surveillance for tightly-monitored environments? Audio surreptitiously taped can be of varying quality and at times difficult to comprehend. We're here to help.