People are the heart of our magic

Culture is our currency

Our linguists, word-craft artists, have an inspired connection to language, along with a visceral ability to sense and capture even the most elusive of communication nuances.

For all our people, from interpreters to our multimedia team, language is a life passion. It reflects in everything we do, elevating us to deliver in extreme circumstances and for the most discerning markets.

With a sizable in-house staff and a global network of specialized vendors, our interdisciplinary teams provide 24/7 service in more than 200 languages and dialects, as well as in a wide spectrum of technical fields and subject areas.

We’re big enough to handle every project and challenge but not so big as to lose the personal touch. Our clients are never just another nameless face: they’re people we really know and care about and with whom we build enduring relationships. As we hire new talent, we seek thinkers and innovators, artists and wordsmiths, experts in their industries, and the culturally curious.

We look for diversity of language, thought, experience and perspective. Any new team members we bring on board are hand-picked to ensure core values are in line with ours and their work is of the highest level.

Together, we’ll continue forging a new path to language optimization that blends the power of culture, forward-thinking, and growth hacking so that our clients can accomplish more in the now and next. This is our passion and purpose.

Core Values

Vintage values underpin how we relate to our clients, approach our work, and select new team members

Deliver BAM! By All Means

Do whatever it takes. Challenge = opportunity. Find solutions. Stay one step ahead. Follow through. Impress. Make your mark. Go beyond expectations. Be amazing.

Foster a Family Spirit

Create a positive environment. Together we achieve more. Celebrate each other. Lend a helping hand. Meet your neighbor. Maintain our values.

Be Humble

Check your ego at the front door. Keep it real. You vs. Me. It’s about us. Open the doors to collaboration, teamwork, communication & creativity.

Be Passionate

Passion fuels our service engine. Pour your heart into it. Show you care. Wear your enthusiasm. Let them see, hear & feel your energy.

Strive for Progress

Cultivate your thirst for growth and learning. Unlock your fullest potential. Don’t settle. Aim to improve. Is there a better, more effective way? Consider starting from scratch.

Shift Happens

Accept + embrace change. Life does not sit still. Be flexible. Shift gears. Adapt to the situation. Obstacles are opportunities in disguise. Ride the waves and navigate your way around. Go with the flow.

Make it Crystal Clear

Mean what you say. Say what you mean. Straight talk + open ears + clean communication. Every word counts. Don’t make assumptions. Develop a fundamental understanding. Reach out. Ask the right questions. Are we on the same page?