Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Interpret from anywhere to anyone on our cloud-based platform

Proven results

Protranslating offers a cloud-based platform for remote simultaneous interpreting during conferences, presentations, board meetings and similar events. Our industry-specialized linguists interpret in real time from anywhere in the world and the content is streamed to anyone who wants to partake in the event virtually. Participants can connect to the event using their smartphones, tablets or laptops to view speakers in action and to listen to our high-quality simultaneous interpretations in their native language.

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Sample uses for remote simultaneous interpreting

Pairing proven language expertise and cutting-edge technology, our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting facilitates collaboration, participant engagement and common understanding across the world.

Board Meetings

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can accommodate meetings or conferences, regardless of size or subject matter.

Conferences & conventions

Our cloud-based platform offers iOS and Android support, making it easy to communicate with attendees straight onto their smartphones.

Virtual Meetings

We can work with users across all devices to delivers consistent, engaging interpretation to any international audience.

Pitches & presentations

Need to present and pitch ideas to international investors or board members? Our subject matter experts can interpret into over 200 languages.