Simultaneous & Conference Interpreting

Rapid-fire comprehension in any business setting

Proven results

Protranslating offers the finest available simultaneous interpreting for conferences, meetings, and other events where two or more languages are required. Our experts are situated in soundproof booths, listening to the speaker through a headset while simultaneously delivering the translation into a microphone, which is wirelessly transmitted to the audienceu2019s headsets. Highly trained interpreters and special equipment are required for this service, often referred to as U.N.-style interpretation.

Our full-service package combines state-of-the-art equipment, including soundproof booths and wireless receivers, experienced teams of simultaneous interpreters, multimedia technicians, and distribution assistants to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Our conference coordinators and planners are always on-site to assist our clients. We work with you from planning through show time, providing a full spectrum of services from pre-event planning to providing, installing, and manning conference equipment. Along the way, we can also translate or transcribe any event materials as needed.

Sample uses for simultaneous & conference interpretingn

u00a0Our team of highly experienced and certified interpreters is the go-to partner for clients seeking high-quality interpreting services. Here are some sample uses for simultaneous and remote interpreting.

corporate Meetings

With a team of over 5,000, we have certified interpreters across the globe. We're ready to help you get reliable interpretation for your next board or company-wide meeting.

Conferences & Conventions

Need a flexible team for interpreting at your next big conference or convention? Our team of certified interpreters have ample experience working in over 200 languages.

Dispute resolution

Swift and accurate interpreting is key to successful negotiations and arbitration between international parties. Let us help you get your clients results.

Pitches & presentations

Presenting your next big idea to a group of diverse investors? Let our team of experienced interpreters get your message across clearly and succinctly.