software localization & Testing

Ensure a seamless user experience

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Protranslatingu2019s comprehensive software localization services ensure that both stand-alone and embedded software are linguistically and culturally tailored to the intended target audience. The process begins with a deep-dive into client needs and objectives, and includes strategy development, localization, and functional testing to ensure a frictionless user experience.

As part of converting software or app interfaces into an in-language experience, software strings must be translated and if required for the target, text replaced. While CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools are used in this process, our localization engineers have the depth-of-knowledge and finely-honed expertise to extract text that requires localization.

Sample uses for software localization & testing

Because even the most exceptional linguists and engineers cannot anticipate problems that only emerge in actual usage, we recommend testing as a valuable means of catching glitches and irregularities, thereby avoiding costly delays and poor user experiences. Our protocols include testing software in its localized context to recreate the full user experience and ensure smooth outcomes. Here’s some of what we do at a glance.


Need to ensure desktop or web-based apps respect character limits, resize text boxes as needed, and support all file types? Our team is ready to help you get the results you need.

Mobile apps

Whether it's an Android or iOS app, we can help you get text translated and conformed to various screen sizes, making sure translations work smoothly across all devices.

Software functionality

Need to make sure your translation doesn't cause any technical issues with app usage? We can thoroughly test your software post-translation.

End User Testing

We have subject matter experts that speak over 200 languages, so no matter your industry, we can test software for use in real-world scenarios.