Technical Manual Translation


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Protranslating understands the risks posed by a poor translation. While for one business it could lead to low adoption or poor customer satisfaction with a new product, in extreme cases it could lead to manufacturing or production errors that cause injury or even fatalities to your workers.

In the race to bring new products, services and production to new markets, itu2019s easy to overlook the importance of technical manual translation and other technical writing that needs to be translated and localized. But your companyu2019s success in reaching consumers in other languages depends on your ability to accurately translate highly technical information into other languages.

We realize that accurate technical manual translation is as much of a safety issue as it is a customer satisfaction issue, which is why we offer comprehensive services to provide translation and localization services across more than 200 languages, and for virtually every vertical and industry.

Types of Manual translations we providen

Technical manual translation needs can vary widely from one company to the next. Weu2019re proud to offer translation services covering a broad range of use cases for both B2B and B2C companies, including the following and more.

Construction & Engineering

Are you providing construction workers or engineers with instructions for using tooling, machinery, or implementing plans? Make sure translations into any foreign languages are consistent and precise.

Electronics & Tech specs

When translating technical specifications manuals, it's critical to understand the nuances of language along with knowing the practical differences from country-to-country, like units used and variations in socket types.

Instructions & Operating

Providing instructions for use of your products to an international audience? Not only do we have subject matter experts across all industries, but also linguists familiar with over 200 regional languages and dialects.

Safety manuals

When dealing with hazardous materials or potentially dangerous processes, clarity is paramount. Our team of expert linguists can help you adapt instructions and guidelines to meet the needs of any country or region.