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As people around the world view more video content, voice-over translation is growing ever more important. ProTranslating is here to help you speak to that global audience u2014 weu2019re equipped to handle all of your voice-over translation needs.

Over the course of more than four decades, we have helped Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and other clients improve their global reach, providing accurate, on-time, on-budget translations.
Whether itu2019s voice-over translation or any other type of translation service, ProTranslating clearly speaks your language.

We provide comprehensive professional translation services in more than 200 languages and dialects. We tailor our services to your unique considerations, such as purpose, audience, industry, budget, timing and quality. However our services are tailored, we will ensure that voice-over translation or any other translation solution we offer helps achieve your intended goals.

What is voice-over translation?n

So, how does voice-over translation work? It involves translation to a different language, with the original voices being played softly in the background. Voice-over translation is used for news programs, documentaries, films, videos, e-learning content and other audiovisual content. By contrast, dubbing features translation that replaces the original voices.

No matter what form they take, voice-over translations can pay off. For instance, in light of the fact that video can boost conversion on a retail website by 30 percent , voice-over translation can greatly benefit a retailer (or, potentially, any other provider of a product or service) that serves a global audience. A promotional video in English, for instance, could be translated into languages spoken in all of the retaileru2019s global markets.

Fortunately, voice-over translation is quicker and less expensive than dubbing. And, fortunately, ProTranslating can deliver voice-over translations in a quick, cost-effective, high-quality manner for you and your audience.

TV & Radio Commercials

Need perfectly-synced adaptation for ads? Whether it's voice-overs or lip-syncing for presentations, television, radio, voicemails or any other AV-related medium, we get it right the first time.


We work with you to find the best translators and voice talent for your project. Great voice-overs require precise timing and sensitivity to the culture of your target audience. We bear that in mind every step of the way.


We cast talent optimally leveraging your objectives, including the desired gender, voice type, and regional accent. We'll work closely with you, providing voice samples and talent that resonate with your target audience.


Have video or audio eLearning content you need dubbed into new language? Our team features cross-disciplinary subject matter experts, ensuring the intent of your coursework is never lost in translation.