Whether you’re educating students or delivering training to members of your organization, eLearning tools can provide this information in a fast, effective format—and to any number of individuals located around the world.

eLearning improves outcomes for professional training and education not only by providing engaging, interactive learning and development tools, but also thanks to a process known as adaptive learning. Here’s a brief look at how adaptive learning supports better eLearning experiences and better results for your organization.

What is adaptive learning?

Adaptive learning is a technology-driven function of eLearning programs that customize the learning experience for each user. The goal of this technology is to create an adaptive experience that improves learning and retention for each user by customizing the elements of each learning module. 

In some instances, adaptive learning may increase concentration on one specific element of a learning module where the user shows signs of struggle, or it might accelerate the learning experience and/or incorporate more challenging content if the user shows a mastery of the module’s primary learning objectives.

How learning modules adapt to users

Adaptive learning and development tools customize each experience based on multiple variables reflecting the user’s performance and comprehension of the information being taught. The difference between a right or wrong answer, for example, can lead to the user receiving supplementary content or assistance to support their learning efforts and help them understand the correct answer.

Adaptive learning can also gather feedback from users based on their level of confidence—if they happened to guess the right answer, for example, they might still want additional help to better comprehend the module’s material. Other data points, such as the amount of time it takes to answer a question, can also be used to evaluate each user’s mastery of the subject and to then adapt the learning experience to address any areas of weakness.

Benefits of adaptive learning solutions

Adaptive learning solutions can be used in virtually any educational scenario, which is why colleges and universities have been so eager to develop and implement these solutions—and why businesses find these tools so effective for training their workforce. Some of the top benefits include:

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