The limits of my language mean the limits of my world—Ludwig Wittgenstein

Humanity speaks in over 7000 tongues, but most humans speak only one. Translation services and expert interpretations help to extend our world by making ideas in other languages accessible.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, people could live entire lifetimes without venturing out of their communities or being exposed to other languages, places, foods, and cultures. Now, diversity is all around us, and we seem to increasingly crave variety in all aspects of our lives even as we continue to consume familiar products and services wherever in the world we may be.

The internet and technology connect us instantaneously. Now more than ever before, translation and interpretation services enrich and connect our lives, enable us to enjoy the finer pleasures, and allow ideas, information, and knowledge to instantly transcend barriers of space and language.

Thus, paradoxically, our world expands as it shrinks.

We want to travel to the most remote corners of the blue planet and to experience its many wonders, and yet, we expect our own medicines, car models, games, television serials, hotel chains, apparel brands, mega-markets, and food franchises to be available to us wherever we go.

It is an exciting time for language service providers.

Research conducted by Common Sense Advisory (CSA) projects that the total revenue generated by providers of language services will reach $56.18 billion by 2021.

The proliferation of international travel has undoubtedly made the world a smaller place, and translation and interpretation services have become the foundation on which the contemporary travel and hospitality industry stands. Further, translation services also play an increasingly important role in the entertainment industry as the cultural content created in one country increasingly finds takers in other nations.

As businesses continue to expand their global footprints, training and education of personnel in foreign markets also becomes crucial and unsurprisingly, translation services facilitate international educational initiatives for long-distance learning.

The travel and hospitality sector relies on professional translation services

Vacations to foreign countries have become rather commonplace and as the cost of travel comes down, international travel will continue to increase. Digital services pertaining to travel have become an integral part of the travel and hospitality industry and any company operating in this sector is sure to continually require translation and localization services.

Language errors can disrupt plans and become a source of great frustration when language differences cause difficulties for travelers. For instance, clear translations ensure that the terms and conditions of flight/hotel bookings or cancellation policies are not misrepresented or misunderstood. Website localization is also of prime importance to the travel and hospitality sector, particularly for airlines and hotel booking companies or platforms that aggregate or review their services. Interpretation services are equally pivotal, especially for companies offering luxury services.

Professional translation services can help with localization and allow travel and hospitality companies to provide personalized experiences to their customers.

Entertainment and gaming engage language service providers to overcome language boundaries

You can play a card game like poker or bridge with people around the world. You can hunt imaginary creatures in your city. You can answer the Call of Duty from your desk. You can watch Friends reruns in numerous languages—just for fun! The entertainment and gaming industries are hungry for language services. The proliferation of content streaming websites, global online gaming networks, and other web-based sources of entertainment means that the cultural products of one country can easily find takers in people in another nation.

Perhaps it is not surprising that the US is a world leader in the production of movies, TV shows, and computer games currently consumed around the world. While other nations are also in the fray as important entertainment and gaming content providers, the quality of translations often becomes problematic as their language services may not be up to par. The importance of mature and specialized providers of localized, in-context translation services is underscored by the wide-spread international popularity of entertainment produced in America.

International collaborations in education and e-learning signal growth for language service providers

Massive open online courses. Global campuses. Collaborative educational networks comprised of the world’s best universities. The growing thirst for self-directed and remote-access knowledge and training is undeniable, and so is the need for translation and interpretation services in education and e-learning.

Professional translation services can also offer benefits in the area of education for the ever-increasing migrant populations of the world. More and more families emigrate to other countries for work and must educate their children on foreign shores. The straddling of two linguistic cultures becomes problematic when all the members of a newly migrated family are not familiar with the local language. While children are adept at picking up new languages, parents may require assistance with important documents and communication related to schooling. Professional translation and interpretation services can ensure that moving from one part of the world to another does not mean social isolation for families.

At Protranslating, we have developed a deep understanding of the translation and interpretation requirements of Industry 4.0.

We have accumulated almost half a century’s worth of experience in the language sector and our multiple ISO certifications testify to our translation credentials. With a global network of over 5,000 linguistic and industry experts, we offer seamless and secure translation and localization services in over 200 languages and certify the accuracy of our language services.

We continuously develop our workflows and technologies to guarantee our clients the most protected and secure language service platform in the current market. Our knowledge, machine learning techniques, and proprietary security-first workflow-driven software assure our clients the highest confidentiality, integrity and availability backed up by a SOC Type II report. Please contact us to discover how we can help you transcend language barriers.

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