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eLearning Gamification

eLearning Gamification: Tips & tactics for a more productive workforce

Traditional methods of educating and training employees deliver mixed results. In many cases, the problems of ineffective training and education are interwoven with the experiences …

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Cloud communication: get connected with remote interpreting

Effective cloud communication with remote interpreting

From legal proceedings to healthcare consultations to executive boardroom meetings, COVID-19 has disrupted how businesses communicate. Both internal and external communications are now impacted by …

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Mobile surveys: use them to supercharge your market research

Leveraging mobile surveys to supercharge your market research

Surveys are one of the most relied-upon tools for conducting market research. Mobile surveys in particular have proven to be highly effective at connecting with …

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Human translation vs. machine translation

Human Translation vs. Machine Translation: Which is most efficient for Market Research?

Market research often results in massive datasets and volumes of content generated through consumer feedback. Surveys can collect information from thousands of respondents and feature …

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Manufacturing trends in 2020 & beyond

Top 3 Global Manufacturing Trends for 2020 & Beyond

The global manufacturing market is projected as one of the fastest-growing industries of the next decade. Global manufacturing production continues to rise on an annual …

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Remote legal interpreting

Remote legal interpreting: Here to stay?

COVID-19 hasn’t reduced our public dependence on the U.S. court system, but it has forced changes to how courts operate. One of the biggest changes …

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eCommerce Conversion Optimization: Can translation improve your bottom line?

Overall retail sales may be experiencing a slump, but eCommerce has a bright future: total U.S. sales are projected to grow by 18 percent in …

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Service provider security

When does service provider security matter?

How and when to evaluate your LSP Imagine you just moved across the country for an exciting new job opportunity. It’s going well, and you’re …

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