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Effectively translated learning materials

Making sure your training materials are effectively translated

Savvy managers know that offering top-notch training and development is key to building and maintaining an effective, productive and skilled workforce. This is more important …

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Protranslating Receives the 2017 Diversity Partner Award From Citi

MIAMI – October 19, 2017 – Protranslating, an industry-leading Language Service Provider (LSP) offering translation and interpretation services worldwide, is pleased to announce that it has received …

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Global research stats and figures against night skyline

Global research: speed & quality go hand-in-hand

When conducting research, speed is crucial to success. To gather actionable insights from your data, you need to be able to understand and analyze responses …

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Is bias skewing survey translations at your market research firm?

Is bias skewing survey translations?

A common perception in survey writing is that the more languages the survey is required to be translated into, the more opportunity there is for …

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Protranslating employees work in 200 languages

The company and its services: Coral Gables-based Protranslating is a language company that provides a range of translation services to about 3,000 clients each year in the United …

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Translation vs. Transcreation

Unlike “we, the people,” not all translation is created equal; some is actually “transcreation,” which entails a whole different approach and process. Allow us to …

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Why service matters: are you getting five-star service?

Why Service Matters

More than ever before, corporations are redefining the ways in which customers interact with them. For every Amazon and Zappos, that build their brands around …

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translation technology is making globalization more efficient every day

Save Time and Money with Translation Technology

What is translation memory? If you have been shopping for translation services, you’ve surely encountered terms like CAT (computer-assisted translation) and TM (translation memory). Are …

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