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Consecutive vs. Simultaneous Interpretation

Consecutive vs. Simultaneous Interpretation: What’s the Difference?

What is Consecutive Interpretation? With consecutive interpretation, a professional interpreter waits for a speaking individual to say a complete sentence or statement before interpreting that …

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Financial data confidentiality for global institutions

Case Study: Financial data confidentiality

Challenge When documents are of a highly sensitive nature and confidentiality is paramount, it can be difficult to find a trusted language partner. Fortunately, a …

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Camtasia Localization: Reach a global audience

Camtasia Localization and Translation Services

Reaching a global audience is much easier said than done. Forward-thinking organizations realize that meaningful engagement of this diverse audience requires a diverse approach to …

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main types of interpretation

The 5 Main Types of Interpretation Services

What is Interpretation? Interpreting services function as a verbal form of translation that is facilitated by a professional interpreter, or a team of interpreters. Interpretation …

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Courtroom Interpreting: what is it and what should you know?

What is Court Interpreting?

Court interpreting basics Court interpretation is a service provided by a court certified interpreter who is trained to interpret between English and one or more …

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Business translations: the ultimate guide

Business translations: The ultimate guide

As international trade becomes more prevalent, desirable and complex, businesses need reliable, expert translation services more than ever. Here are some reasons why finding a …

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What is transcreation? The definitive guide.

What is transcreation? The definitive guide.

Everybody knows about translation, but have you heard the term transcreation? We think you’ll agree that successful international businesses understand the vital importance of accurate …

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Accurate insurance translation: a key to success

Accurate insurance translation: how premium service benefits the industry

As the world gets smaller, the global marketplace explodes, and international travel becomes an everyday affair, insurance companies that strive to be industry leaders have …

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