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Top translation services for you company

5 Ways to Ensure You Get Top Translation Services

Hiring a translation service is a lot like hiring a mechanic: you know you need the help of a professional, but how do you know …

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Spanish translation services: why they're booming

Why Spanish Translation Services are Booming

Spanish translation services are in demand both globally and in the United States. It’s easy to see why: Spanish is the fourth-most popular language in the world, with more than 500 million native speakers.

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Legal Translation: When do you need it to be certified?

5 Reasons Why Legal Translation Needs Professionals

Studies have shown that 21 percent of legal errors were connected to flawed document preparation. The potential risk of error is even greater in the case of …

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Financial Document Translation: Need-to-know facts

Financial Document Translation Services Explained

As businesses cross borders, so do their financial documents and transactions. Expanding a business enterprise into other parts of the world often entails grappling with …

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Do you need a certified translator?

Do you really need a certified translator?

If your company has documents or other materials that need to be translated into another language, you probably have to go outside your organization to …

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Camtastia eLearning: Learn about globalizing your online courses

Camtasia eLearning for Localized online courses

Camtasia is a popular software suite for creating video tutorials, presentations, and other video content, and it offers even greater value to organizations authoring content …

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USCIS Immigration Certified Translation

USCIS Immigration Certified Translation: When do you need certified translated paperwork?

USCIS Certified Translation Services When it comes to translation, small differences in language can make a big difference in how a message is understood. Translation …

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Globalization vs. Localization: What's the difference?

Globalization vs. Localization: What’s the Difference?

You’ve probably heard globalization and localization talked about alongside one another. You’ve probably even heard these terms misused when discussing translation and other languages services. …

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