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eLearning ROI: need-to-know facts

Globalized eLearning ROI: Need-to-Know Facts for Instructional Designers

Whenever organizations are adopting new technology, products, or business processes into their day-to-day operations, employees require training and guidance to understand how to maximize the …

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Global Language Services: a booming industry

Global Language Services: Booming & Primed for Growth

By 2026, enterprise spending on translation is projected to reach nearly $45 billion. Big companies aren’t the only ones investing in translation services to support …

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Careers in Translating: What you need to know

Careers in Translation: Everything You Should Know

By the year 2021, the global translation services industry will grow to $56.18 billion, according to Common Sense Advisory. Meanwhile, the demand for translation professionals in the United States is expected to grow by 19 percent between 2018 and 2020.

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Translating speech to instant text: a must for any conference

Translating Speech to Instant Text: Do’s and Don’ts

Wondering if translating speech to instant text—like subtitles and text for future events—is a service your company might need in the near future? Here’s a …

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Effective Remote Work: staying productive in your home office

3 Keys to Effective Remote Work

Life as we know it has changed—remote work has become the new norm for a massive chunk of the workforce. With the spread of COVID-19 …

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Lectora eLearning Localization

Lectora Elearning Localization and Translation Services

Do you need assistance with Lectora eLearning Localization? Learn more about the need to know details when localizing for any audience.

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COVID-19 response: how we're keeping our clients and team safe

COVID-19 update & Business Continuity Plan

With the lives of many across the country personally and professionally affected by the spread of COVID-19, we want to take a moment to acknowledge …

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eLearning case study for multinational companies

Case Study: eLearning for multinational companies

Challenge Just like a great salesperson tailors their approach to customer needs, this large payroll solutions company needed to implement a learning solution that was …

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