End-to-end translation governance for all your IP and legal matters

With a nearly 50-year track record of serving IP and legal professionals in law firms and Fortune 500 companies, we will help you quickly get from innovation to protection and from discovery to victory.

We’ve served law firms and in-house departments for nearly 50 years, offering accurate and cost-effective IP & legal translation services in even the most complex and challenging situations. We are sensitive to the importance of time frames within the IP & legal space and our extensive experience enables us to quickly navigate otherwise challenging tasks, from patent translations to certified translations for use in court settings and beyond.

IP and legal professionals rely on us to support a wide range of translation requirements across diverse practice areas from M&A to maritime law. Our command of IP & legal terminology spanning multiple practice areas in more than 300 languages ensures we deliver the translation support you need to handle cross-border legal matters.

Our technology platform facilitates file management and organization, leverages software to eliminate errors such as duplicate translations of the same content, and provides for high levels of client control and real-time engagement. Our team offers well-honed technical and subject matter expertise in a broad spectrum of IP & legal content covering different jurisdictions and local legal terminology.