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In our increasingly flat world, as companies expand their global footprints, they’re experiencing a correspondingly greater need to train their international customers and staff. With 40 years in the language space, Protranslating is proficient at delivering translations that are not only culturally adapted, but also easy to assimilate and consistent with the audience’s reading level. Here are some details on our process:
  • Utilize Lectora, Articulate, Captivate and other authoring tools
  • Work closely with clients to understand any special content nuances, including acronym usage that may be misunderstood in-country
  • Full production capabilities, from voice-over casting and directors to recording/mixing and desktop publishing
  • Utilize in-house teams of linguists and localization engineers
  • Customize processes and solutions according to type of service, client objectives, and target market
  • Leverage an intuitive technology platform including translation memory tools, client glossaries, and client portal to increase efficiency, lower costs, and maximize client control
  • Quality is managed per our ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Quality Management System
  • Provide translations in 200+ languages
  • Provide support 24/7/365
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