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Coming from humble beginnings in 1973, we started with one linguist’s love for language and connecting cultures. From there, we grew into a full-service translation agency with offices around the globe. Today, we serve global enterprises across all markets with ISO-certified language services. Our Pittsburgh translation services include:

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Document translation in Pittsburgh

Companies throughout the United States are increasingly transacting with international markets. With content marketing often at the center of the customer journey, that often means translation needs quickly grow as they expand into new global markets. We help companies take control of the translation process from the start of any new expansion, delivering consistent, impactful results. Some examples of common Pittsburgh translation services include: 

Voice & audio services

Whether you need simple subtitling, dubbed audio, or voice-over work, our team of multimedia professionals can work with audio and video files in any format, length, language, and subject matter.

Market Research Translation

Research firms come to us for streamlined ways to translate large data sets and survey translation true to the source language’s intent. Contact us to learn more.

Marketing & Advertising

With discrepancies in local language usage and regional customs often making a big difference in how language is received, we will help you stay successful as you expand into new global markets.

Product Packaging

Keep your customers informed and satisfied with clearly translated product packaging and user manuals. Our teams work with global manufacturers across all markets and are ready to support your needs.

Legal translation services in Pittsburgh

Law firms and legal service providers throughout Pittsburgh come to Protranslating for accurate, impactful translations and interpreting for depositions, contacts, and all other legal documents. Our team features over 5,000 translators and linguists working in over 200 languages and regional dialects, with dedicated project teams for each legal practice area.

With firms in need of translation, it’s common to send files with sensitive client data to translation agencies using insecure means and data sharing practices, leading to potential liability with costly data breaches. Keeping your clients’ sensitive data secure is a top priority for us. To that end, we developed LanguageVault™, the industry’s first end-to-end secure solution for translation project management. It’s backed by SOC 2 Type II auditing and a dedicated in-house development team, making for dependable, uninterrupted service and security. Contact us to learn more about how we can keep your firm’s data secure.

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