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Comprehensive language services in Atlanta

Protranslating is committed to serving Atlanta’s broad range of industries with unsurpassed language services. With ISO-certified quality assurance and security protocols vetted through yearly SOC 2 Type II auditing, we cater to business within all fields. Here are some examples of services we provide: let’s chat

Document translation in Atlanta

Since 1973, enterprises around the United States have relied on Protranslating to expand their international footprints. With our team of over 5,000 linguists, staff, and subject matter experts, we are prepared to handle jobs of any size, scope, and scale. Ready to expand your business’ global reach? Here are just a few examples of common projects we can handle for your business:

Medical Translation

Safety guidelines, medical paperwork, and more are can all be quickly and securely translated into any language by our team of master linguists.

Contract Translation

With a comprehensive approach toward preserving the intent and integrity of every single clause, our team of expert linguists can help you translate contracts from any source language into any target language.

Government Translation

With a long history of facilitating translations for local, state, and federal government agencies, we are prepared to help your department equipped with the right translations needed for any document.

Legal Interpreting

Our team of simultaneous and consecutive interpreters is ready to provide in person or remote legal interpreting for any client and on short notice. Contact us to learn more.

Legal translation services in Atlanta

Atlanta’s law firms rely on Protranslating for accurate, professionally certified translations. Whether you’re translating legal documents from English to Spanish for a local client or translating a contract into Mandarin, French, German, or any other language, we are here to serve you with speedy translations that never sacrifice on quality.  Leveraging subject matter experts from all practice fields, our team guarantees translations maintaining the intent and tone of the source language. Just as importantly, we also guarantee the security of your sensitive information. Our proprietary client portal and technology infrastructure undergo stringent yearly SOC II Type 2 auditing and are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 compliant. Contact us to learn more about how we can meet your needs while keeping your clients’ data protected. learn more

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Our Atlanta office is conveniently located near Atlanta’s bustling Buckhead neighborhood. Contact us online, call our office at +1-305-371-7887, or send us an email at [email protected] to chat today about Atlanta translation services.